bedroom tracks

by Joyce Nancy

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an assortment of low-quality songs I recorded in my bedroom. last updated december 2013.


released October 5, 2011

everything = joyce nancy



all rights reserved


Joyce Nancy

Joyce Nancy has been performing since 2006 but only has a real recording of one song. Her current band is Joyce Nancy & Western Electric. Her musical genre has been described as "sad folk" and "emotional bitchface."

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Track Name: the ending
everything is temporary
Track Name: of light
gather all the places of light
hold them tight
keep them safe
Track Name: gone
one day I wish
that you will come home
and everything you're missing
will be there again
and all your fear will be gone
Track Name: recklessly
I've given up on the grave
with our names carved beautifully
Track Name: apology
now I know that time does not run in a line
you held me up so pretty like a prize
your name, you made it hurt
you made it like a curse
and poisoned the well of my love
that we both drank from

creeped inside my mind
like a fever in the night
and with every thought of you
I felt the temperature rise
heat of past and coldest sweat
of things that hadn't happened yet
you were jilted
always meant to guilt me
into the sickness of regret

I waited to hear back from you
about such stupid things, so
should I wait for an apology
Track Name: angels
keep my heart
in a closet dark
and lock the door on your way out

line my clothes
up in separate rows
I don't remember where they go

our halos were simple
oh how could we have known

our halos were simple
they ripped them from us